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Waves Curling Wand Review

If you like to go out or are often participating in social events it is almost indispensable: the curling wand for waves. For it conjures gentle, natural looking waves into the hair that flatter the face and make it look softer. Even when it comes to everyday life: the waves curling wand is the perfect device for making satisfying waves.

But before you get yourself to buy a curling wand for waves, you should know a few details about the practical cosmetic assistant. For there is not only one variant but the waves curling wands differ in a considerable way in many cases.

Waves curling wand is not waves curling wand

As with almost all devices, there is also a big difference between the waves curling wands. And not only in terms of design, but also on equipment, temperature levels and wave size. If you want big beach waves, you need a different wave curler than for very small waves.

It is also important to know how you want to use the curling wand. Do you want to have your hairstyle from time to time or do you prefer having waves every day? Or do you want to make some curls sometimes? Then it is advisable to use a curling wand that can do both.

Two very good waves curling wands (09/2017)

xtava Twist Curling Wand

xtava Twist Curling Wand
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Le Angelique Tapered Curling Iron, Pink

Le Angelique Tapered Curling Iron, Pink
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How to create nice beach waves

Here is a litte video about making beach waves with a curling wand to give you an idea how easy this is:

Steam curling wand, electric curling wand, infrared curling wand and the ion curling wand

Choosing the right waves curling wand is really a challenge. Among the most popular variants are the steam curling wand, the electric curling wand and the ion curling wand.

Steam curling wand

The steam curling wand creates defined uniform curls with the help of steam, which can be beautifully restructured to regular waves by combing the curls.

Electric curling wand

Another popular variant of the waves curling wand is the electric curling wand. The electric curling wand also forms very beautiful curls which can easily be converted into waves. The diameter of the barrel is important because small curls become small waves and large curls accordingly large waves.

Ion curling wand

If you are looking for a curling wand that will allow you to conjure not only nice loose waves but also defined curls, to have more possibilities to vary your hairstyle, the ion curling wand is the perfect choice.

The advantage of an ion curling wand is helping the individual hair to remain smooth and supple and do not become electrically charged by emitting ions. The hair also retains its moisture and thanks the treatment with a special shine. When curls are formed with this barrel and are combed out afterwards, the curled hair retains the suppleness and glossiness of the curls. The ionic wave curling wand is therefore a very good choice.

Automatic curling wand

If you are looking for a waves curling wand that is uncomplicated, then you should think about buying a automatic curling wand. In any case it always produces uniform curls which are ideal as a precursor of perfect waves.

On which curling wand with the ability to make waves your decision will fall depends on your individual needs and of course also on your budgeted budget. In any case, it is advisable to read the reviews of the individual models before buying. So the purchase decision should be easier.