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We have been reviewing products for women for years now, including curling wands. In our curling wand review we describe models from different brands and in various price classes with objectivity and honesty. After all it’s about our hair! We know what a good curling wand is about. These are the best curling wands (01/2018):

Best curling wand (01/2018)

Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q Curling Wand
The Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q is a very good curling wand and leaves other well-known brands behind. Definitely our tip!

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Second place: xtava Twist Curling Wand

xtava Twist Curling Wand
The xtava Twist Curling Wand missed the first place very tightly. The difference to the winner is minimal.

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Third place: Remington Pro Series CI91XP T

Remington Pro Series CI91XP T Curling Wand
The Remington Pro Series CI91XP T is surely not far behind its competitors and is also worth a second glance.

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+++ Important +++ Important +++ Important +++

Blonde woman with curling wandYou should never never never buy a curling wand under 20 dollars. Cheap devices can do severe damage to the hair if the curling iron is not fully made of ceramic but mostly made of metal with only a ceramic coating. Such curling wands will neither be long lasting nor will they give you the result you’re expecting. Instead you will realize after a few weeks that your hair structure changes negatively and in the end it will be ruined slowly. So it’s better to save money for a while and just long for a good device than buying a cheap curling wand and having ruined hair.

Important questions & answers about curling wands

We want to advise you to take your time to choose your curling wand. We’ve put together lots of information on this page so you can end up with holding the best possible curling wand in your hands.

How much does a good curling wand cost?

Just bear in mind that the curling wand is a product that will accompany you for years. You will probably often curl your hair, so it is very important to buy a curling wand that does not damage your hair. Just keep your fingers away from wands under 20 dollars if your hair means something to you! Our review winner costs round about 50 dollars. The curling wand that convinced in the category low-priced curling wands costs between 25 and 30 dollars. Good offers for high-quality curling wands from the more expensive categories with a  favorable price are very seldom. We are currently not aware of any such offer. If we were, we would tell you!

What are the characteristics of a good curling wand?

Adjustable temperature, ceramic or solid ceramic barrel, robust casing, automatic shut-off and a rotatable cable (cable joint) for easier hair styling are functions that every good curling wand should have. Naturally the price for a wand with these functions is higher than the price for one without them – but it is worthwhile in any case. Surely you want to have a good hairstyler that will last several years.

Where should I buy my curling wand?

In a drugstore you can not expect the staff to be sufficiently familiar with curling wands since the range of electrical equipment is much too large. A hairdresser on the other hand wants you to buy articles that he has in stock, so it is definitely mostly no independent advice. If you are informed by using the internet you will find (mostly) independent information. For example we haven’t received any remuneration from any producer in any form. So you can be sure that our recommendations are 100% neutral and based on our many years of experience. We want you to find the best curling wand for your hair and want to support you by giving you as much information as we can.

What do I need to consider before curling my hair?

Your hair must always be dry before curling it. Also a heat protectant must be applied. A good heat protectant encases the hair and protects it from the heat. A positive side effect is often the brilliance the protectant adds to the hair. It will look great and healthy.

Do I have to do something special with my hair after curling?

Even though good curling wands treat the hair well you should regularly put a good cure into your hair. Curls tend to dry out and to counteract that you can give a few drops argan oil into the wet hair, let it work for 2 minutes and wash your hair with a mild shampoo. The oil smoothens the hair and nourishes it with vitamins. It even calms down the scalp. Argan oil is fantastic for the whole body care anyway.

Do I have to clean the curling wand?

From time to time a curling wand has to be cleaned. But it’s best to clean the barrel after each use. Just take a wet microfiber cloth and clean the almost cooled down barrel. So the device stays clean and the hair won’t stick to it.

Can a curling wand also straighten the hair?

Yes, with the right technique you can also straighten the hair with most of the curling wands. So it’s up to you if you want a curly, a wavy or a smooth look.