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Remington Curling Wand Review

The Remington Pro Series CI91XP T is just great based on price-performance ratio and quality. It achieved the 3rd place in our curling wand review (10/2017). This curling wand is a very advanced curling wand for its price (about 35 dollar) with all the important functions you need. In addition, Remington has a practical extra built in, the turbo boost. The customer feedback on Amazon says it all, just read it! You can also find a lot of information in our Remington Pro Series CI91XP T review.

Third place in our big curling wand review

Remington Pro Series CI91XP T

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The Remington Pro Series CI91XP T reached the third place, only the Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q and the xtava Twist Curling Wand were better. Of course, all 3 devices are absolute professionals, the other two were only minimally better.

Why did this curling wand only reach the third place? Because it is relatively big, something chunky. Furthermore, the hair with the Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q were smoother and shiny. That’s all. It really isn’t a very big difference though visible.

So if you can’t afford more than 35 dollars, then the Remington Pro Series CI91XP T curling wand will do everything right. It’s a very good curling wand that will last long at home. But if it is somehow financially possible we would advise you the Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q.

But why just the third place?

Place 1 and 2 from our curling wand review are somewhat better from the processing. Furthermore, the hair was a bit smoother. Nothing earth-shattering, we are talking about small differences, the Remington Pro Series CI91XP T is worth a recommendation. The difference to place 1 is nevertheless visible. Nothing reaches the Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q.

Remington Pro Series CI91XP T
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Advantages of this curling wand


The curls made with this wand last 24 hours, this was even proved in laboratory trials. And many users agree. The structure of the hair is smooth and the curls look healthy and natural.


The set includes a heat protective glove and a heat protective storage pouch. This increases the safety level as well as the auto shutoff and the tangle-free 360° swivel cord. The hair is protected by the Ultimative Ceramic barrel, which makes it smooth instead of damaging it.


The curling wand is processed very well. It has no sharp edges and is very worthy. There is also a limited 4 year warranty, which shows the durability of the product.

Temperature setting

There are nine different temperatures selectable up to 410° by using push-button controls and the chosen one is shown on the digital display. The 30-second heat-up is also very useful so you can almost start right away with curling your hair.


Because of the advanced thermal technology used in the wand it submits healthier heat that is needed for long lasting (as already mentioned up to 24 hours) and stunning curls.


It is easy to create a great variety of bigger curls with this curling wand. The temperature setting is simple to manage and the wand lies good in the hand.

Background information about the brand Remington

Remington is a very established and well-known brand. The origin of Remington care products goes back to the late 30s of the last century. The brand is known for good quality products that last a long time and give you the perfect results you expect.