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NuMe Curling Wand Review

NuMe is a well-known brand for hot tools and other hair products. The hot tools are not cheap but they have a certain quality and should be usable for a long time.

The best NuMe curling wand (01/2018): NuMe Classic Wand 32mm

NuMe’s current best device is the NuMe Classic Wand 32mm. It has a ionizing ceramic tourmaline barrel that is particularly beneficial to your hair. The curling wand comes along in black, which makes it particularly stylish and elegant. But the wand is also available in fancy pink and fresh turquoise, just choose the color you like best. A heat protectant glove is included. Now there is nothing more in the way between you and beautiful stunning curls.

Other advantages the NuMe Classic Wand 32mm has

NuMe Classic Wand 32mm Black

NuMe Classic Wand 32mm Black
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The NuMe Classic Curling Wand is a very good curling wand and the 32 mm version (there is also a 25 mm version for normal curls) is  predestined for making beach waves Hairstyles. It works the best with longer hair but you can also use it on shorter hair. The curling wand is safe for all hair types and are suitable for all hair thicknesses and treated or problematic hair.

With a barrel made from 100% tourmaline ceramic, heat is evenly distributed throughout the barrel. This makes it gentler than traditional curling wands, which are only coated with ceramic. Tourmaline emits negative ions that help against frizz and won’t strip your hair of moisture or oils.  This is why the hair has a smooth cutile and looks shiny and healthy. The curls last very long and keep their shape very good.

Conclusion: Why the NuMe Classic Wand 32mm is worth buying

The NuMe Classic Curling Wand is available in two sizes, so you can customize your curls. There are 32mm and 25 mm. So it is up to you, if you want glam curls (25 mm suggested), or beach waves (32 mm suggested). The quality of the two different sizes is the same so behalf of this it doesn’t matter which one you choose. There are also three different color available which you don’t find with too many wands. The ergonomic design and the fully rotating swivel power cord ensure an uncomplicated handling. The curls are long lasting and shiny – just as they should be.

Facts about the brand NuMe

NuMe was founded by the German woman Sabrina Maren in 2009 after several years in the hair tool business. The brand creates professional hot tools like curling wands, straighteners and dryers but also accessoires and hair care. The hot tools work with far infrared heat which evenly heats the hair from the inside out. This is very gentle to the hair and helps it looking healthy and shiny.