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Natural hair care with argan oil

AsaVea 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Thermal hair protectant

AsaVea 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Thermal hair protectant
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It is very important to prevent hair damage caused by using a curling wand. You should generally use a wand that doesn’t damage your hair at all. You can find appropriate devices in our curling wand review. A really good way to bring back the shininess, vitality and fullness to your hair is the application of argan oil. Argan oil is able to give the hair support with its essential unsatisfied acids and vitamins A and E. This is why you should put it into the hair after using a curling wand. You can immediatly recognize the recovery process. Argan oil should really be applied every time a curling wand has been used because of its described positive effects on the hair structure and appearance. So you get or maintain healthy and shiny hair you can easy care. And this is everything a woman or a man can desire.

Argan oil has already been a beauty medium for a long time. It is an oil extracted from the argan tree’s friuts. This tree is locally bound and this is why argan oil is very valuable not to say expensive. But it is very good for the hair.

Argan oil was used for food preparation a long time but also for beauty care. It contains a lot of essential unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A and E. Because of the greasing characteristics argan oil is a perfect treatment for dry and mature skin. It is often used for anti-aging care to smoothen the skin and make it look vital and tight again. The ability to be easily absorbed by hair strands is also very important because it gives the strands the possibily to repel excess water. This is an ideal condition for perfect and lasting curls.

Argan oil and hair care

If your hair ends are dry you can knead the argan oil purely right into the ends. If you do this regularly the hair ends won’t dry out so quickly and the curls will look nice and smooth without outstanding hair ends. The oil is even used successfully in dandruff and dry scalp treatment.

You can also use argan oil for the treatmant of the complete hair. It makes the hair look beautiful and shiny. Because of all the antioxidants it contains the hair is protected against free radicals. So if your complete hair is dry you should use the oil as a hair mask. Just knead it into the hair and scalp and cover your head with a hot towel for at least 10 minutes. When the time is over you can wash out the oil with a mild shampoo to keep the fatty acids in the hair and scalp. Apply the mask whenever you like but not more than weekly.

If you treat your hair and/or your hair ends this way your hair and scalp will thank you for this care with a great look and healthiness.