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Mini Curling Wand Review

Mini curling wands are small, good to handle and make sense: For shorter hair, e.g. it is very difficult to curl the hair with a big curling wand. This is a case for a mini curling wand. Even when you’re on the go a mini curling wand makes sense because a big one would hardly fit into the handbag. Here are the winners from our mini curling wand review:

Winners of the category Mini Curling Wand

Best mini curling wand (01/2018)

Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron
The Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron is a very good curling wand for various curls and is very good to handle. Also available in purple!

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Second: Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand

Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand
The Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand is very light-weighted and has a tourmaline ceramic barrel that makes curls shiny and beautiful.

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Third place: AmoVee Mini Curling Wand

AmoVee Mini Curling Wand
The AmoVee Mini Curling Wand heats up to 392 F in only 15 seconds. This is very fast and timesaving. The curls are smooth and shining.

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The mini curling wand – not just for short hair

Curling wands are available in many different sizes. If you have got short hair, you should use a mini curling wand. With the mini curling wand, all short or a little longer hairstyles, for example a pixie or a short bob, can be shaped optimally. But even with long hair a mini curling wand can be useful. It is particularly recommended as a supplement to a larger model. Some brands offer the small models in versions without cables. A cordless mini curling wand can easily be stowed away in the handbag and is therefore ready for use at any time. This allows the hairstyle to be quickly refreshed, for example when you go to the after-work party directly after work – which you usually do. But mini curling wands with cords also do a good job.

Ponystyling made easier with mini curling wand

The mini curling wand is a perfect helper for the styling of a pony. That would hardly work with a large curling wand. Because a accurat pony is very boring this wand is the favorite styling device of many pony-bearers who want to curl their bangs. With the mini curling wand the pony can be styled and brought to the desired shape.

Straightening hair with the mini curling wand

Curling wands are also suitable for straightening your hair. For very nice results it is advisable to divide the hair into many fine strands and to work them with the mini curling wand. If the wand has a clip it works the best. Just take small strains and pull the wand trough the hair. In the end the hair is only combed in shape and fixed with a little hair spray. The result is a non-everyday glamor look, ideal for those who like to show off another side.

When the hair becomes longer: a normal curling wand

A mini curling wand is mostly useful for shorter hair and for really tight curls. But whoever wants to grow his hair in the near future should buy a curling wand of normal size. You can find out which models are the review winners in the curling wand review.