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Inverted Curling Wand

Inverted curling wands are still very seldom. But they help you to create curls that are tight near the roots and loose at the hair tips. This makes the curls extraordinary and outstanding. If you dream of  perfectly falling curls you should definitely don’t miss a inverted curling wand. This provides helpful support in the creation of different hairstyles that fit perfectly into everyday life but also on special occasions. The Le Angelique Tapered Curling Iron has a pink design and comes along with a protective glove and two clips that are also in pink. Many users are particularly impressed by the good quality and ease of use. There are many very positive reviews about this curling wand.. Therefore, not only the final styling is an absolute highlight: already the usage of this unique looking wand in pink is an absolute pleasure.

Best inverted curling wand: Le Angelique Tapered Curling Iron, Pink

Le Angelique Tapered Curling Iron, Pink, 13-25mm

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The Le Angelique Tapered Curling Iron, Pink, 13-25mm is among the most promising of its type and convinces by a reasonable price performance ratio. In addition, this curling wand can easily be bought online.

The brand Le Angelique – that is seated in Los Angeles – provides a special inverted or reverse wand. It is both visually convincing by the design in pink as well as by the technical details.

But what makes the Le Angelique Tapered Curling Iron Pink so special?


Because the barrel is thinner at the base and gets wider towards the tip it creates very special and beautiful curls. This gives more volume to the hair tips. The curls even last for up to 48 hours and they look silky and shiny. The non-stick barrel also helps the hair to be easily released after the curling.


This inverse curling wand heats up to 430°.  Because of this immense heat the curls are quickly done and long-lasting. You don’t have to worry which temperature to choose – there is only one. And don’t forget the heat protectant. It is very important becaues of the great heat the wand produces. But this temperature is the key to the long-lasting of the curls. If your hair is thinner or problematic, don’t curl it to long, perhaps just about 2 seconds. And if your hair is thick or coarse give it some extra seconds to curl, up to 5 seconds.


This curling wand is very easy to handle. With the help of the protective glove even more. And the easy grip handle is also very beginner-friendly. Just hold the wand near to your scalp with the tip facing down. Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the barrel starting at the bottom of the barrel. Hold the strand this way for a few seconds and release it afterwards. Then on to the next strand. And so you move on until all the hair is curled. It is really easy to work with this curling wand. And it is astonishing how fast you get a remarkable result.

If a tapered curling wand then the Le Angelique Tapered Curling Iron in pink

This inverse curling wand from the brand Le Angeliqueis ideal for creating beautiful hair styles, day after day. The heat is released evenly without creating frizz or heat damage. The wand heats up very quickly and the temperature stays at the same level curl after curl. You can get a beautiful hairstyle within a few minutes. And as the curling wand comes along in pink it will surely set you in a good mood. Pretty in pink makes a brighter day! So why don’t combine positive energy with a fabulous hairstyle? This wand is a very good choice to make.