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Furiden Flat Iron Review

Easy handling, short heating phase and as a result beautiful, smooth and straightened hair. The Furiden Professional Steam Ceramic Flat Iron ranks third in the flat iron review and convinces not only by its high quality and modern design. The difference between the Furiden Steam Flat Iron and the HSI Flat Iron (place 1) is that the Furiden costs almost the double amount. But that is the only criterion that justifies the third place. If it comes to hair straightening they are equal.

Best Furiden flat iron (01/2018): Professional Steam Ceramic

Furiden Professional Steam Ceramic Flat Iron

Furiden Flat Iron
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This Furiden flat iron has 1 inch 3D floating plates that are made of high quality ceramic. The heating phase is only 30 seconds, which is very fast. So you can almost start immediately with straightening your hair. The flat iron has a LCD digital display and the temperature settings are from 350 to 450 degrees in 6 steps. These steps help you to find the heat that is appropriate for your hair.

The auto shut-off is activated after 60 minutes to really make sure that the device is switched off. This flat iron has built-in comb teeth to comb the hair while straightening, that help to straighten the hair faster and with less effort. Because the cord is swivelable in all directions it doesn’t come in the way while straighening. And last but not least of course this flat iron works with steam that brings back the moisture into your hair and makes it feel soft. The hair looks shiny and healthy.

The advantages of the Furiden Professional Steam Ceramic Flat Iron

Users are very satisfied

Both advanced flat iron users as well as beginners are pleased about the simple handling and the modern design. Because of the 6 adjustable temperatures the heat can be adapted to the individual hair type. So you can use the device no matter which structure your hair has. Just start with the lowest temperature and increase it if you don’t get the desired result. And don’t forget to put on a heat protectant before using a flat iron.

The steam supported flat iron creates beautiful sleek hair

Thanks to the effluent steam and the build-in comb teeth the flat iron conjures a very outstanding hair style. The hair is healty looking and shiny because of the gentle treatment. And you can possibly achieve this result with less high temperature you thought you would need. Because of this fact the hair structure isn’t so weakened as it would be if you couldn’t choose the temperature that’s right for your individual hair structure. The hair really looks amazing and gorgeous. All your girlfriends (and all your not-girlfriends of course) will envy your looks and want to achieve it too.

The days of tangled hair and cables are over

Thanks to the built-in comb teeth and the ceramic plates the hair the hair is detangled. Many flat irons provide knots and pain during styling. Not so the Furiden Professional Steam Ceramic Flat Iron – knotted hair and annoying turning out are over now. Don’t ever worry about these things again.

Another good thing is the swivel on the extra long cable: it provides for easy handling, without twisting the cable and you have to turn it straight through annoying fumbling. That makes the whole thing very relaxed!

A good travelling flat iron

This flat iron is a very good travelling companion: it has a good travelling size and fits into every not too small bag. It also has dual voltage (110-240 V AC). That means that the flat iron will automatically adjust to the right voltage that is offered in the respective country you travelled to. This makes it a nice gift for young ladies who travel a lot or need it after showering after doing their sports. Or sometimes you just need it to fix your hairstyle inbetween times.

Conclusion: Highly recommended

Anyone who is looking for a flat iron that is easy to handle and brings up very good results makes a good chice if he picks the Furiden Professional Steam Ceramic. The price is a little bit high compared with the other competitors, but the flat iron has a high quality and it looks very stylish with its black/red design. Security features as the auto shut off and the cool tips for not burning your fingers while using the device are also very important. Not to forget the special features like the steam and the build-in comb teeth. That makes it very convenient to use the flat iron. It also guarantees outstanding results and that is one of the important criteria. This Furiden flat iron has totally convinced us in the review. If you can afford to spend a little more money, then buy it. You won’t regret it.