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Curling Guide

Many women like curly or wavy hair but some of them are insecure about the curling technique. But it is really very easy. You just need a little bit of experience and know how. If you practice a little while you will become a master of creating marvellous curls. Here is a video that can help to clear up misunderstandings.

How to make beautiful curls – this is how it works

First, the hair must be completely dry. Wet hair should never be curled, except with a hot air brush. The danger of breaking is too big. If you use a hair dryer, you should use hair mousse after washing, so that the hair is more voluminous from the start.

Preparing the curling wand

Now the curling wand can be heated until the right temperature is reached. If the hair structure is rather fine, only a low heat temperature should be selected so that the hair doesn’t break. Thick hair, on the other hand, must usually be treated with the maximum temperature, so that the curls are formed properly. If you are not sure about the temperature your hair needs or tolerates, just start with a lower temperature and choose a higher temperature, if it is okay for the hair to get the best possible result.

Heat protectant

Before the curling wand touches the hair, a heat protection spray should be applied. Without a heat protectant the hair can be massively damaged! Next, the hair is divided into different sections. If you have thick hair, you will only have success with curling if you do not try to work the entire volume in one stroke. You should always start near the ears or at the neck. Now, layer by layer is processed. When a section has been finished, the next one is selected.


Immediately before curling, hairspray should be applied to the section. Then a thin strand can be curled with the curling wand. How much hair is used per strand depends on your aim. The smaller the sections, the stronger the curls. If you want small and extreme curls, then choose a section that is smaller than 3 cm. Looser curls are achieved by taking wider strands. You can try out a few methods and then decide which one is best.


The curling wand should be adjusted to half the length of the hair. Then you turn the hair around the wand. If you want extremer curls, you should start with the wrapping directly at the scalp. The longer the hair stays around the wand, the better the curl becomes. For gentle and natural looking curls immediately pluck them a little with the fingers after the hair has been treated with the curling wand. So the curls hang out a little and look more naturally.

Curling with the curling wand is quite simple

Making curls with a curling wand is easy, you just have to practice. Don’t be discouraged, if it doesn’t work out right away. By the way: Curling wands with a ceramic coating are much better for the hair than those with a barrel that’s just made of metal without further coating (check out our curling wand review). You may need help at the beginning. If you follow all the advices we mentioned here, the result should be satisfying.