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Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers – Actually the best hot rollers from Calista

Hot rollers are a real alternative to curling wands or flat irons. If you have a little experience you can create very nice or even gorgeous hairstyles very quickly.One of the advantages is that you have your hands free while the hot rollers are doing their job. So you can do your chores or something nicer like skin caring or putting on some make-up meanwhile.

The Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers were ranked place two in our review. It can’t keep up with the winner but it is second best. We want to recommend you to purchase either these hot rollers or the professional one from BaByliss (to see at our hot rollers review). All other devices on the market aren’t recommendable in our opinion.

Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers – Equipment, price and usage

Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers

Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers, 1 and 1.2 inch Rollers
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With Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers you purchase rollers that can be used on thick or thin hair equally. And it doesn’t take long until they have done their job. In addition to the base station the hot rollers come along with butterfly clips and a Hot Wavers travel case. The box includes 12 teal hot rollers and 12 butterfly clips. Customer reviews confirm that the Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers are of a good quality, easy to handle and very effective in creating curls.

With about 40 dollars the Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers don’t belong to the very cheap segment but aren’t yet in the category of professional hairstylists‘ equipment. If you have a little practice with rollers or practice with these hot rollers you’ll be able to create stunning hairstyles. Because of the used material and the very good quality and processing the hot rollers spare the scalp and the hair even if they are used very frequently.

The twelve hot rollers come in the three sizes short, long and body. So you can add curls, waves or body to your hair. It takes less time than at the salon and it is definitely much cheaper than there. The hot rollers are processed with ionic material (mineral powders and ionic moisture infusion). This helps them to give back some moisture to the hair and make it smooth and shiny. It looks very healthy and adorable.

The usage of the hot rollers is very simple: at first you switch the device on. You can choose between two temperatures: low and high. If you only want to add volume the low setting should be enough. That temperature is also recommendable for damaged or sensitive hair. If you want your waves or curls to last longer then choose the higher temperature.

When the desired temperature is reached, you can wrap your hair strand after strand and fix it with the butterfly clips. When the rollers have been in the hair long enough unwind them, brush the hair and fix the hairstyle with hairspray. Now your curls or waves can last at least a day.

What can be done with the Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers?

You can use the Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers in all kinds of hair, from fine to thick hair and even in damaged hair. The hot rollers give back the shinyness to injured hair. The rollers can create curls and waves in almost all sizes or just add volume. There a a lot of things you can do with the hot rollers. Just experiment a little bit to find out, what suits you best.


There is one negative thing: the Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers do not get hot enough for very long hair. Or there is too much heat loss between the removal from the base station and the winding up.

The review winner, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Jumbo Roller Hairsetter, is better in terms of effective operation, material and processing.

Women with up to medium-length hair, who want to curl their hair occasionally are well served with the Calista Tools Hot Wavers Rollers. The price-performance ratio is alright and the results are impressive.