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BaByliss Curling Wand Review

BaByliss has been an expert in the field of styling and hair care for many years and offers a wide range of different products from this area. BaByliss owes its success – among other things – to the PRO brand, because the company has made a name for itself in Europe and also in the U.S., especially for professionals and home users. The current best BaByliss curling wand is the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron.

Best BaByliss curling wand (01/2018): Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron
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First of all the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron is designed with a tapered shape for loose curls (at the base of the barrel) and tighter shape (at the bottom). This wand or iron has advanced technology on-board to create outstanding and longlasting curls and waves. Nano titanium is an very good heat conductor and keeps the high temperatures on one level. The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron works with maximum far-infrared heat. This heat penetrates the hair shaft from within for professional styling without damage. Because of the Sol-Gel technology the iron barrels is 37% stronger and 22% smoother than those of standard irons.

What makes this curling wand so outstanding


Because of the tapered barrel you have the possibility to create exactly the kind of curls or waves that you want – tight curls, loose curls or even stylish beach waves. The curling wand is suitable for all hair lengths, even short hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is treated because the titanium/ceramic barrel helps to smoothen the hair and give the curls or waves a shiny look. So the hair gets its vitality back.

Sol-Gel nano titanium/ceramic barrel

Everybody is talking about curling wands with ceramic coatings and it is an absolute must have for high-quality curling wands. But we know: that’s not as good as it can be! Another reason why the Babyliss curling wand is the champion under the wands. It hasn’t only got a ceramic coating, but also knows how to please us with a titanium-ceramic coating. Titanium ceramic is even smoother than pure ceramic, spreads the heat more evenly when curling and is both rust-resistant and non-sensitive to various hair styling products. Consequently, curling wands with this coating are extremely durable – as does the Babyliss curling wand.

Temperatur setting

This curling wand has 50 (!) heat settings which means you can control the temperatur very exactly. The barrel heatens up to 450 °F which is indeed very hot and the turbo heat button instantly boosts the heat. The far infrared goes into the hair shaft and reveals smooth frizz free curls. This is a very gentle treatment for the hair.

8-foot tangle-free swivel cord

You know what we are talking about: While curling our hair something is always in our way: the curling wand’s cable. At this point the BabylissPro Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron is also convincing. The cable is equipped with a comfortable rotary coupling, so the cable rotates with our movements and we can concentrate on the curling instead of struggling with an annoying cable. In addition, the cable convinces by its length (8-foot) so that there is no obstacle in the way for the perfect hair styling – especially no plug that’s too far away from the mirror.

Summary: The best BaByliss curlingwand ever

This curling wand has so many advantages (as you can see mentioned ahead) that you should reconsider to buy it. The technology and the handling are excellent, the curls look gorgeous anyway and the hair won’t be damaged. With the very precise heat setting you can find out which temperature your hair needs to be curled in the way you want it to be. The price is okay for this high-technology hot tool.

About the brand BaByliss

BaByliss is an expert brand for over 55 years now. Founded in France in 1961, BaByliss quickly became one of the leading experts in hair care and cosmetics. Numerous innovations have characterized the company’s history, which has repeatedly set milestones in the industry. From heatable curlers to the hot air brush and electric hair straighteners to the hair dryer with professional turbine. The great success and the know-how of BaByliss are based on 56 years of product development and innovation. Because of this the brand has become one of the experts in beauty and hair care with professional background.

The company has always been in contact with many hairdressers and is familiar the world of salons and stylists. It has thus continually deepened its expertise and equipped its products with the latest technologies. And this in order not only to meet the professional requirements but to sense the trends of fashion and beauty at an early stage and to pass these on to its customers. Since 1995 the brand is a subsidiary of Conair.