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Buying a curling wand: Which one is the right one for you?

Buying a curling wand: What you should consider

A curling wand is the ideal helper for a great curled hair style. Because with the help of a curling wand you can create a variety of party or everyday looks. As there is a wide selection of curling wands on the market it isn’t easy to make a choice. If you buy a curling wand you should think about some criteria to choose the best one for you.

You should know that curlers not only differ in price, but also in the handling and – of course – also in the type of the produced curls. So what should you pay attention to when buying a curling wand to make sure you choose the device that suits your needs the best?

What you should think about when buying a curling wand

Before you buy a curling wand you should think about when, where and how often you want to use the device. If you are planning to use the curler primarily for the preparation of your daily routine, then you should think about the purchase of an automatic curling wand – also called automatic hair curler. This machine produces very evenly looking curls quickly.

If you prefer to use the curling wand mainly to create different kinds of curls like big curls or waves for example a tapered curling wand is a good choice. This curling barrel is predestined by its conical or tapered shape to produce the most diverse curls – even if the hair is very short. In addition curls which are made with a tapered curling wand look very natural. The drawback: tapered curling wands are often very large and thus somewhat bulky. The advantage: they can be used very variably and make very nice curls.

If you want to use the curling machine directly after the hair wash then it is a good idea to buy a hot air curler. It can be used directly in the damp hair and usually has additional styling attachments.

Other aspects to be considered about the curling wand

It should also be included in your purchase decision which type of curls you want to produce. The smaller you select the barrel the smaller the curls will be. If you are still hesitant you can choose a curling wand set. This usually consists of several interchangeable barrels, sometimes also tapered or oval barrels are included. So you can always make the most of your choice.

A high-quality curling wand is made of an excellent material such as ceramic in all its variations. Ions or oils may be added to the barrel. These substances ensure a gentle hair treatment and a shiny smooth result. In combination with a good heat protectant a very gentle handling of the hair is guaranteed.