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Plugged In Curling Wand

The Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand is really small, fits in every handbag and is perfect when it comes to curling shorter hair. You can also use it on longer hair, of course. It just takes more time but the results are as pretty as those on shorter hair.

Second place in our mini curling wand review

Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand

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The Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand is the smallest model of Plugged In.

Its small size makes it particularly practical for those who have shorter hair or if you want to have smaller curls than you can twist with normal curling wands.

Also, the Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand is well suited for travel, if you do not want to take the big curling wand with you.

The big one wouldn’t fit in a handbag anyway. This one fits into a gym bag, a purse or a overnight bag.

Let’s come to the question why this wand is the second best mini curling wand. At first here’s a little video about the Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand:

Facts about the product

  • Tapered tourmaline ceramic barrel
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use
  • Versatile take anywhere travel size
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Heat protective finger glove included

Why Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand is a very good wand

First of all the wand is really small and good to handle. The tapered form gives you a lot of possibilities to style your hair. From tight ringlets to loose curls or even waves, just choose.

Because of the tourmaline ceramic barrel the hair stays smooth and shiny. This is why it looks very healthy and natural. The tourmaline produces negative ions that help keeping the moisture in every single hair.

The barrel heats up to 410° very fast and produces far infrared heat to style the hair from the inside out. And so the curls are created very long-lasting.

There’s not much more you can ask for.
Plugged In Mini Cone Curling Wand
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