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Heat protectant for hair

Very good heat protectant: HSI Thermal Protector 450

Heat protectant for hair
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Before you treat the hair with a curling wand you have make sure that the hair is completely dry. The hair should never be wet, otherwise the outer layer will be severely damaged. Therefore a heat protectant is highly recommended before you curl the hair. And the same goes for a hair-friendly curling wand, just take a look at our curling wand review.

There are several different ways and heat protectants to protect the hair adequately. You should pay attention to using high-quality products, it is no option to save money in this matter. Depending on which product you choose, you can put it into the damp hair or after drying (see package). Usually you dry the hair at first, and then you use the heat protectant.

Heat protectant serum

A heat protection serum can be sprayed directly into damp hair or kneaded into it. It is a very good heat protection and maintains the hair at the same time. It penetrates deep into the hair and repairs the outer layer. The hair shines and is also protected from moisture.

Heat protectant fluid

A heat protection fluid has usually a thicker consistency than a protection serum and is also massaged directly into the wet hair after washing. It is best to use it only in the lengths and tips, otherwise there is a danger that the hair will grease more quickly. Just like a serum, it protects the hair intensively against the heat and makes it shine. It is also possible to knead it into the hair after drying – in this case the hair looks even more brilliant.

Heat protectant cream

A heat protectant cream has – as the name implies – a creamy consistency. It is only kneaded into the damp hair. It is not only a heat protection, but has also a smoothing effect. The cream does not necessarily give shine to the hair, but in combination with a serum or fluid you have the perfect protection for your hair and you give it a caring treatment at the same time.

Nowadays the heat protectant products are mainly found in spray form. This ensures that the hair is completely and regularly covered and protected. But everybody should use the kind of protectant he or she likes best. The result counts, not the way it is achieved.