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ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver Review

ZOINDSC is a brand that sells a lot of different things from various areas. This firm is not especially known for its hot tools, but nevertheless that doesn’t mean it can’t sell them. Their hair waver is a top product, not to say the best on the market. There are similar hair wavers on Amazon but this one is the only one with 5 out of 5 stars.

The best hair waver (01/2018)

ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver

ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver
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The currently best hair waver is the ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Curling Iron, which offers many advantages, which we would like explain to you. The ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Curling Iron is very convincing and creates very beautiful and long-lasting waves. Our recommendation!

This hair waver costs around 30 dollars. That is not very much and absolutely okay. You get a very good hot tool with excellent processing. Just reconsider that one single visit to the hair salon costs more than that, doesn’t it? And this device is definitely going to last for a long time, so it really pays of to purchase this hair waver.

Why this ZOINDSC Hair Waver is review winner

Natural waves and a lot of volume

Many other wave or crepes iron are only suitable for the creation of very small waves, some of them are very unnatural and look like a leftover from the 80s. By contrast, the ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver does not over-define the waves and so they look very natural. But it is also possible to create the trendy beach waves. After the treatment the hair looks as if you had plaited braids overnight and opened them in the morning.

Triple-wave iron for time saving

This hot tool from ZOINDSC has a medium high weight because it is a triple-barreled waver. The three heating elements are arranged parallel to each other and with a lenght of 4.1 inch they allow you to work with wide strands. So you can create waves in the entire hair very quickly, if the with hair is longer you need about 30 minutes.

Ceramic barrels

ZOINDSC has used a ceramic coating and negative ions will release when heated to protect your hair. As a result, the wave iron prevents a static charge on the hair, the surface of the hair is closed during the application, so that it shines beautifully and looks healthy after the treatment.

Different temperature levels

This ZOINDSC hair waver can be regulated between 80 and 210°C (that is 176-410°F) . So you can treat your hair with exactly the heat you need to produce long-lasting waves. Just start with a low temperature and increase the heat until you found the perfect setting for you. You can try on strands that aren’t visible in the end and layer them with other strands if you don’t like the result.


The ZOINDSC hair waver has some inbuilt features to minimize the risk of burning yourself with the hot tool. First to mention the non-slip handle, secondly the insulated barrel tips and last but not least the insulated metal stand that keeps the hot device away from the surface it is placed on.

Easy handling

There are many styling devices with cables that always get in the way during the application. That’s why the ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver has a 360 degree rotatable and tangle-free cord that lets you move freely. In addition, the cable is quite long, so you can easily work with the ZOINDSC  hair waver.

High quality

When manufacturing the ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver, ZOINDSC has placed great emphasis on first-class materials and very good processing. It is really astonishing that they can offer it for such a relatively low price:  you just have to lay around 30 dollars on the table and get a high quality hair waver with a long lifetime. That is definitely a good deal.

Conclusion: the best hair waver to buy

The ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver is worth an absolute purchase recommendation. The many positive reviews at Amazon just speak for itself and of course for the ZOINDSC hair waver. And you can really not complain about the price of around 30 dollars. Definitely not.