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Hair Waver Review

Curls and waves are very en vogue at the moment and many women want voluminous hairstyles. If you are considering to buy a hair waver you should take a look at a hair waver review. That makes it much easier to decide which device to purchase. A review can only have an advisary function because it is your own choice depending on your needs and the expectations you set in such a hot tool.

Our hair waver review

In our hair waver review we compare the ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver and the Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big. In terms of quality those two devices come very close, but the price is very divergent. We have already presented both hot tools on our website and in this review it is all about the direct comparison, We are very curious, which hair waver will be first after our review. Those both wavers are surely already the best ones (11/2017):
ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver

Review winner (11/2017)

ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver
The ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver is very convincing and creates very nice and long lasting waves. Our tip!

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Second place: also convincing

Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big
The Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big is in our opinion almost as good as the ZOINDSC model. The only minus is the price.

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Conclusion of our hair waver review

Both the ZOINDSC and the Tondeo hair wavers are top products that are also worth their price. So we can highly recommend both products. However, if you look at the direct comparison, the ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver has a very thin lead overall and is thus the test winner. It is the best currently available hair waver.

Test criteria


It is not only important that the produced waves look good, they should also be long-lasting. So the focus lies on appearance and durability of the waves. Both hair wavers do a terrific job and the waves hold definitely longer than a day. Don’t forget to use a styling mousse or something similar while styling the hair and some hairspray on the next morning. Both devices serve you with wonderful naturally looking waves and you can style the trendy beach waves for sure.

Temperature setting

The choice of the temperature makes it more convenient for you to find out which heat your hair needs to get the perfect waves. This is also a very important aspect. Just take the level you think is the best for your hair. Each hair structure has it’s own story and needs special treatment. The ZOINDSC has up to 410 F and the Tondeo also. This is a pretty good temperature to give your hair the curls it desires. So both devices are equal at this point.

Warm-up time

Both devices heat up very fast, so this isn’t a criteria to find out which of them is better in the end. It’s really a draw in this case.

Plate size and coating

Size DOES matter! 😉 The bigger the plate size is the more hair you can treat with one stroke. That means you can save a lot of time in the bathroom, if the plates are big enough. Just take as many strands as you like and pull the hair waver through it. Both hot tools have got large plates, that means that it takes about half an hour to treat long hair – sometimes a little shorter, it depends how wavy you want to have your hair. The heating plates are processed with ionic material, the Tondeo uses also tourmaline. This prevents your hair from flying around and gives it a great shiny look.

Easy to handle

Because of their size both hot tools are a little bit heavy. That could get annoying after a time. The good news is that it doesn’t take too long to create a loose wavy hairstyle. And the long cable with swivel joint helps to do the waving even quicker. The temperature can easily be changed during the styling. The Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big has a temperature adjustment winder that is located on the side of the handle. So this can lead totemperature adjustment without being noticed. This is why the ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver has a little advantage in our hair waver review at this point.


Last but not least: the price. It is the last point in our hair waver review and it plays an important role. The ZOINDSC Professional Pink 3 Barrel Hair Waver costs about 30 $ at Amazon whereas the Tondeo Cerion Wave Styler Big costs about 120 $ (without shipping costs)- It is a very good hair waver, but a little bit expensive. But by the way: going to the barber surely isn’t cheap to and if you do your hairstyle by yourself saves you a lot of money.

Important information before you start

Styling with heat is always stressful on your hair, that’s clear. Therefore, you should always keep in mind a few important things when using your hair waver. They will help to treat your hair as gentle as possible. First of all you shouldn’t use the device daily, so that your hair stays healthy. Especially if your hair is already stressed anyway by dyeing or other chemical treatments.

Never forget a heat protection, that is very important in the application of the hair waver or other styling devices. So first use a good heat protection spray evenly on the hair. For the waves to last as long as possible, you should then work in a mousse into the hair for a good hold.

Divide your hair with a comb into several sections, so you can work strand by strand. Start with the lowest temperature to find out how much heat your hair needs to get curled. If the result isn’t satisfying, just increase the heat slowly.

When the desired temperature is reached, take the device very near to the scalp and put a strand into it. Press the heating plates together and wait a few seconds. After that you pull the device gently through the hair, waiting every few seconds for the device to create some waves. This is how you work your way down to the hair tips.

Once you’ve worked all the hair, use your fingers to gently pry it up, letting the waves fall naturally nicely. So that the waves survive the day well, you should spray a hair spray for a strong hold at the end. Most of the time it is enough to loosen up your hair the next morning and use hairspray to enjoy the waves for one more day.

Where to buy the hair waver?

Amazon is the first point of contact for the purchase of hair wavers. You should buy them at Amazon, because there is the most variety. You can buy a device at the barber shop, but the selection is rather small there. And those professional hair wavers usally cost a fortune there. Another possibility is a electronics store. But usually the staff doesn’t know too much and probably give you some wrong advice. On the other hand are all those customer reviews that can help to focus on the important things. And reading about the others’s experiences is also very important for making your mind up. Reviews from others are usually much more helpful than advice in the store. Above all, consumers are very honest when it comes to possible disadvantages of the devices.

We’ve created this page to make it easier for you to choose if you want to buy a wave iron online. That’s why we present and compare the best and most popular devices.