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Tondeo Hair Waver Review

Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big

Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big
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A well known brand with high quality styling equipment is Tondeo from Solingen in good old Germany. Solingen is very famous for its metal crafting. It is called the „City of Blades“, since it has long been renowned for the manufacturing of fine swords, knives, scissors and razors. And now it’s Tondeo. This brand has some first-class curling wands in its assortment. With the Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big there is now a device that can not only create waves, but also has an additional volume function.

The currently best Tondeo hair waver (11/2017) is the Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big. According to the manufacturer this hair waver is to provide  for elegantly flowing, generous waves. We want to take a closer look at the advantages below.

The advantages of this Tondeo hair waver

Natural waves with good durability

The Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big doesn’t create small, not very good defined waves, but gives your hair big natural waves. With it you can implement within a short time the hairdressing trend „Beach Waves“. The waves are very long-lasting. Just loosen up your hair with your fingers on the next day and use some hair spray or another fixation.

Ceramic tourmaline coated plates

Ceramic is a very smooth material, so it is ideal for coating the heating plates on the Tondeo hair waver . Tourmaline is a natural crystal that releases negative ions. The ions give your hair a healthy glow, as they seal the surface of the hair, and the usage of the Tondeo hair waver prevents the hair from becoming electrically charged. It shines and looks really very healthy.

Adjustable temperature

Thanks to the five different temperature levels you can adjust the Tondeo hair waver for every hair type individually. You can style real hair extensions with the Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big with temperatures between 140 and 170 degrees, for fine and chemically treated hair the temperature should be 160 to 170 degrees and you bring in shape curly hair with 170 to 220 degrees. Adjusting the right temperature on the Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big ensures that the hair is stressed as little as possible. This hair waver heats up very quickly and that helps saving bathroom time.

Easy and safe to handle

To make the use of the Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big as comfortable and convenient as possible for you, the cable rotates during use by up to 360 degrees. In addition, Tondeo has given the hot tool a 2.8 meters (110 inch) long cable and that is really long enough for every bathroom, we suggest.

Excellent design and durability

The Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big costs a little bit over 200 dollars (shipping from Spain included). But you get a very robust hair waver with excellent features. The device is quite heavy, but you also benefit from a very good processing and long-lasting usage. This hair waver is very expensive, but it is really quality made in Germany. And that is worth a lot.

Conclusion: High quality and solid

With the Plancha Tondeo Cerion Wave Big, there is another review contestant on the market who convinces consumers. The many positive reviews on for example speak for the excellent quality of the hair waver , so that we can pronounce a clear purchase recommendation for this hair waver, if you are willing to pay the high price it costs..