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Flat Iron Review

Many women have natural curls they want to straighten, sometimes to create a sleek hairstyle or sometimes as preparation for the use of a curling wand. Whatever the reason is, there are many hair straighteners on the market. Our flat iron review will show which of them are the best.

This are the winners of our flat iron review 2017

Winner (01/2018): HSI Professional Ionic Flat Iron

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron
The HSI Flat Iron is an investment that is definitely worthwhile. It straightens the hair very beautifully.

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Second place: KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron
The KIPOZI Flat Iron is an elegant tool which also does a good job. It’s plates are made of nano titanium.

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Third place: Furiden Professional Steam Ceramic Flat Iron

Furiden Steam Flat Iron
The Furiden Flat Iron is very special because of the released steam. Because of its price it is only number three.

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What is the price for a good flat iron?

You can say that a good flat iron generally costs over 35 dollars. A model under 30 dollars does not last so long and can’t compete with the results of professional devices. Furthermore you don’t buy a new flat iron so often and so you can invest a little more money for having the best or one of the best flat irons on the market. Thr hair is spared and the results look definitely better. Our review winners cost from 35 dollars upwards, models under 30 dollars aren’t in our flat iron test.

Where is the best place to buy a flat iron?

It really doesn’t matter where you buy a flat iron as longas you know which iron you want and you have enough informations. We always order online very easily. Usually there are no shipping costs and you have the full warranty anyway, perfect!

These are the criteria we had an eye on

The following criteria are important for a good flat iron:

Smoothing result

The most inportant thing in a flat iron review is the result. The HSI Professional Ionic Flat Iron and the KIPOZI Flat Iron are the best choice for the professional look. For difficult hair the Furiden Flat Iron is perfectly adequate, on the other hand this professional flat iron also convinced on thick, very curly hair. The results of the HSI model are outstanding. But to be honest: in this profi league the results only differ minimally.

Heat and care protection / ceramic coating

First and foremost, a flat iron should of course straighten the hair and the result should at best hold the whole day. At least as important is an integrated heat and care protection. Especially thin and sensitive hair can suffer because of the heat of a flat iron and split tips. It is therefore important to ensure that the flat iron has different temperature settings. In that case you can always use the smallest setting with sensitive hair because that shouldn’t harm the hair structure very much. Nevertheless, a heat protection spray should always be used when using a flat iron. When the desired temperature is reached most devices display that with a control lamp. A ceramic coating also protects the hair from excessive heat and is therefore quite useful.


Very important if you want to buy a flat iron: quality. So it should not be an option to buy a cheap device.  If you use a cheap and probably not good flat iron the hair can be damaged very badly, even destroyed. Your hair is to precious to sacrifice it for the saving of a few dollars.

Easy handling

Especially when you want to use the flat iron every day it should be easy to use. If you need to hurry in the morning you should choose a model that is heated up in the shortest possible time. Modern flat irons have a heating time less than two minutes. The iron should sit comfortably in the hand and shouldn’t be too heavy. A rotatable cable joint also ensures good and easy handling and is therefore also an important point in the flat iron review.

Any questions?

We hope we have given you all important informations in this flat iron review. If you think that something is missing, please leave us a message at, we will try to answer you very soon.