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Bed Head Curling Wand Review

Bed Head by TIGI has lots of hair washing, caring and styling products. It also has the curlipops curling wand collection. Those wands are very colorful and stylish. A must-have for everyone who likes modern design. Starting the day with bright colors is the best you can do.

Best Bed Head curling wand (10/2017): Curlipops for Curls and Waves

Bed Head Curlipops for Tousled Curls and Waves

Bed Head Curlipops for Tousled Curls and Waves Curling Wand
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The Bed Head Curlipops for Tousled Curls and Waves Curling Wand is characterized by a very good heat conductivity. The tourmaline ceramic barrel is particularly resistant and guarantees a fast heat distribution. Because of this the hair is curled very quickly.

The wand has a nice fresh color and produces waves or tousled curls – just as you like. If you use this curling wand nobody will notice that you don’t have natural curls because the look is „fresh-out-of-bed“. This is how it should be (remember the brands name is Bed Head).

This curling wand has to be seen in a direct comparison with other brands. On Amazon there are almost just positive opinions. It’s best to read the reviews, they say it all.

But if you want to have the very best or one of the bst curling wands you should look at our curling wand review. The first three places are occupied by other brands.

Advantages of the Bed Head Curlipops for Tousled Curls and Waves

Curls and waves

No matter if you prefer tousled curls or waves, you will get a perfect imperfect – as to say naturally looking – hairstyle with this hot tool. The tourmaline ceramic technology used on the barrel helps to reduce frizz and makes your hair shine brightly. Even the curled hair looks very healthy and voluminous. The curls and waves are long-lasting and they keep in shape.

Fast and save results

The heat is quickly and uniformly distributed through the curling wands tourmaline ceramic barrel. This guarantees not only a particularly fast curling, the hair is also protected from warm spots on the barrel. The wand heatens up to 400 °F to form nice and long-lasting curls or waves.

Heat resistant glove

It is highly recommended to wear the included heat resistant glove while using the curling wand. It gets far to hot not to use the glove even if it has got a cool tip. The heat-protective glove seems to be good enough to protect from being burned. This is definitely a huge plus, because not all gloves do that.

Good to handle

Because of the grips form the wand is very good to handle, the thicker end before the barrel begins prevents the hand from getting near the barrel. The 6 feet long swivel cord is tangle free and doesn’t get in the way while using the curling wand. The wand itself is not to heavy and not to big for small hands.

Users opinions about the Curlipops for Tousled Curls and Waves

  • One user points out that the hair still looks adorable the next day
  • Perfect tousled wavy/curled hair, with product you can keep it for a little over 48 hours.
  • A user says that hair is really the only thing she cares about and this is the best wand she has ever had.
  • Easy to use and makes the cutest waves/curls. The tightness of the curl just depends on how you wrap it.
  • One user needed a wand for a bigger, looser curl for her long hair and this worked perfectly.
  • The packaging of this Curlipops iron is fun and the shape makes it a great gift idea for any fun loving girls.
  • Someone was searching for a quality inexpensive curler that will give her curls that actually hold in her hair – and she found it here.
  • As a deficit is found that the heat settings are not adjustable and the user prefers a low-heat option.
  • On the other hand someone else sees the lacking setting as a bonus since she never really knows what setting to put curling irons on.


Definitely a professional hot tool

The Bed Head Curlipops for Tousled Curls and Waves Curling Wand is a quality product that especially attracts attention because of its design. The curling result is excellent: the hair is spared, safe and quickly treated and shines beautifully.