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AmoVee Mini Curling Wand

The AmoVee Mini Curling Wand – which is by the way the only wand the brand Amo Vee offers – is very inexpensive. We know what we wrote about cheap curling wands, but this one is an exception. This is also validated by the custumer reviews on amazon. These are very convincing and documented with photographs and little videos. If you are looking for a simple and good to handle curling wand, then check this one out. You will find all the necessary information in this review.

Third place in our mini curling wand review

AmoVee Mini Curling Wand

AmoVee Mini Curling Wand
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In spite of its really low price the AmoVee Mini Curling Wand is a reliable comrade when it comes to battle your hair. It helps you to transform your hair from boring, dull or lifeless material into a shining attractive and vivid accessoire that stresses your beauty.

No matter if you choose to create tighter curls, defined ringlets or loose waves. Just take a adequate strand and curl it as long as you need to get the perfect result. The created curls last very long even if you don’t treat your hair with styling products.

Last but not least: The brand itself advises to wear a heat resistant glove or towel. So you should take this tip seriously and buy a heat protectant glove or towel. This item can save you from serious burns.

Details about the wand

  • ½ to ¾ inch tapered barrel
  • PTC technology
  • Tourmaline ceramic coated barrel
  • Dual voltage from 100V to 240V

Why this curling wand is worth buying

The three things to stress about the AmoVee Mini Curling Wand are the size (who’d ever guess it), which is very little for a curling wand, the versatility and the almost unbeatable price. This combination has no equal – at least not now. If you want to curl your hair quicker you should buy a normal sized curling wand like the Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q. On the other hand this mini wand is really convenient because you can use it without effort on so many occasions. Or you can buy both anyway and that leaves the choice up to you.